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About me

I have been working for more than 30 years with people who face various challenges, and was from 2004-2016 employed at the Crisis and Incest Centre in Fredrikstad. There I had responsibility for several therapy groups as well as individual therapy, with clients who had experienced violence and/or sexual abuse. I have also taken a 4 year further training in Psychodynamic therapy at the Hildebrand Institute in Denmark. My life and work have given me experience working with people of all ages and with many different cultural backgrounds.

English is my mother tongue as I was born and grew up in England, but after 24 years in Norway and 4 years studying in Denmark I also speak fluent Norwegian, and understand Danish. I receive regular supervision from a qualified supervisor as well as going to my own personal therapy. In addition I maintain my professional development by regularly taking part in workshops, courses and conferences.

The title Psychotherapist MPF is your guarantee that I have undergone a four-year training in psychotherapy, which is approved and quality assured by the Danish Association of Psychotherapists. You can find more information on the association's website:


Bryony Harris
Telephone +47 48 26 19 09